At JNG Technical services we have access to a wide variety of experts to suit you needs. General consulting services can be provided for industries such as gas turbine, aviation, transportation, manufacturing and repair, photovoltaic, and others.

Examples of previous projects include:

Shop Layout design

  • Neil has helped design shop layout based on lean management principles for a number of facilities.
  • Special attention must be paid to size of product, tooling and resources required, processes involved, etc.

Solar Photovoltaic design

  • Ideal for remote and off grid locations.
  • Solar energy or a hybrid system can be a viable option for your power needs.
  • The size and design of a solar energy systems can be confusing and many suppliers have conflicting recommendations. We¬†can help you to understand what you need and why.
  • Many factors are unique to each situation which is the reason for so many of these conflicts, therefore a custom designed system should always be considered.

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